Guides' barge trip

The Gym helped fund a boating trip for Leafield Guides in July 2023, as part of our pledge to help community projects.

The girls enjoyed four days of narrow boating from Frouds Bridge Marina near Aldermaston in West Berkshire. It took them 17 miles to Hungerford, and then back, on the peaceful and picturesque Kennet and Avon Canal. On the trip they had the thrill of passing through the many locks, as well as learning how to do traditional barge painting.

Guide leader Jane Digby said: "It was a fantastic trip and they want to do it again next year. It would not have been affordable without the donation from the Community Gym, so we are very grateful."

Coronavirus restrictions lifted

The Gym Committee has decided to remove the restrictions put in place. The booking system will remain, with the new peak and off-peak times.

Peak periods (6-9am and 4-10pm) will allow 3 people to use the gym per hour

Off-Peak periods (9am-4pm) will allow 1 person to use the gym per hour.

This allows sole-use of the gym during quieter times for those members that want this.

March 2022 – Another new purchase

The Gym buys another new piece of equipment, this time replacing the multi gym. Whether you are an experienced gym user or a complete beginner, all 8 pieces of the latest Pro Series range, from our suppliers Fitness Warehouse, are designed to provide a quick, straightforward and easy access workout. The 3 station multi gym offers a multi press, a lat pulldown bench/bar and leg extension/leg curl. This is the fourth purchase since 2019, following the arrival of a brand new upright bike, rowing machine and cross-trainer, and is all part of Leafield Community Gym's commitment to provide our members with top quality equipment.

August 2021 – New Equipment

The Gym has bought two brand new replacement pieces of equipment – a rower and a cross-trainer. They are the Gym Gear Blade 2.0 rower and the X98e Entertainment cross-trainer, purchased from our regular supplier, Fitness Warehouse of Preston. The new rower sits nearly 2ft off the ground, providing easier accessibility, and has a more padded seat and handles for greater comfort. It offers a host of programs including competition racing. The powerful new cross-trainer is from the same series as the upright bike we bought in 2019 and offers the same 10 virtual scenic backdrops on a 15.6inch touchscreen to add a bit of fun to your workout. And if you have a smartphone with access to wi-fi, there are a host of apps available to help you reach your fitness goal. Chairman Nick Birtley says: 'Our goal is to ensure our members get to use top quality equipment, and these purchases are evidence of that. They have stuck with us during a year and a half of lockdown interruptions and they deserve the best for that level of loyalty.'

June 2021 – Open Again

We are happy to announce that the Parish Council agreed to let the gym reopen on Monday, June 21st. The car damage repairs have still to be done, which might cause a little disruption at a later date, but the pavilion is safe to use until then. The 7-day online booking process remains in operation.

April 2021 – Some good news and some not so good!

Gyms around the country were allowed to reopen on April 12th following the easing of lockdown restrictions. We would have liked to have joined them after the Parish Council's insurers agreed that we could keep the gym open while the monitoring of the building's stability takes place over the coming months.

However, because of the damage to the pavilion caused by a vehicle last month, the Parish Council is currently waiting for a builder's report/quote and the subsequent response from the insurance company before a decision can be made on what repair work needs to be done and for how long.

Thankfully, we should be looking at weeks rather than months before we can announce a definite return, so please watch this space for further news.

March 2021 - Gym facing a long closure

Although gyms nationwide may be able to reopen from April 12th, we are sorry to announce that Leafield Community Gym will sadly have to remain closed. This is because of the worsening state of cracks in the building which has led to exploratory work to look for possible subsidence. Equipment has been installed to check the stability of the pavilion but, unfortunately, this movement monitoring is expected to take at least six months before a report can be made on the future of the pavilion.

In the meantime, insurers for the Parish Council, which owns the building, won't allow the gym to resume until they are satisfied it is safe to do so. We have looked at relocating within the local area, but no suitable locations have yet been found, although we are considering all options.

This latest news, following on from a series of lockdowns caused by Coronavirus, is a massive blow for all of us connected with the gym. The situation wasn't helped recently when a vehicle accidentally hit the front of the pavilion, causing further damage to the building.

It has been an extremely disappointing and frustrating 12 months for everyone connected with the gym. We must continue to show the patience already displayed over the past 12 months of lockdown and keep fingers crossed for a reopening later in the year.

Watch this space for updates on the likely reopening date and progress of the building work.

December 2020 – Closed once more

Owing to a third round of Government lockdown measures, we sadly had to close the gym again on December 26th. We have no idea how long this closure will last, but we will let members know when we are allowed to reopen and when the online booking process will become available again.

December 2020

The ending of the Government's second lockdown meant that we could reopen on December 2nd. The online booking process is up and running and all members will have up to the full 27 days of closure added on to their membership terms.

November 2020 – Closed again!

Owing to the Government's latest lockdown measures, we sadly had to close the gym again on November 5th until at least December 2nd. We will reopen as soon as we possibly can, so watch this space for news on when that will happen and when the online booking process will become available again.

August 2020 – We're open!

The gym was finally able to reopen on August 8th after 140 days of lockdown closure. To ensure the safety of our members, the cleaning of the pavilion has been stepped up from weekly to three times a week, with members also expected to play their part by cleaning equipment they have used. For the time being, we have an online booking process, which enables us to operate without requiring social distancing. For full details see our Covid-19 Guidelines page.

March 2020 - Coronavirus

Sadly, the gym has been forced to close based on government advice. We are constantly reassessing the situation with a view to reopening as soon as possible.

March 2018 - Beast from the East!

The Beast burst the water pipes in the pavillion causing the entire building to be flooded. The gym had to close for a few weeks while the building dried out and the carpet could be replaced.

February 2017 - PT Session with Nikki Carrol

A number of members attended over two sessions to learn and practice new exercises set by Nikki.

2015 - The Grand Opening

Leafield Community Gym was opened in February 2015 by David Cameron

2014 - Conversion of the pavillion

The gym is located in what was the football pavillion. This building remained empty for a few years so required extensive refurbishment.

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